Hogs Back Brewery Real Ale Bar

The organising team at Bracknell Ale & Cider Festival put great time and effort in to bringing a wide range of locally sourced, award winning real ales to the Hogs Back Real Ale tent, and 2019 will be no different.

There will be over 60 ales from some of our favourite breweries including Hogs Back,  Siren Craft Brew (Finchampstead), Binghams (Ruscombe) and Windsor & Eton.

Looking for the Cider List? It’s here.

The 2019 beer list

1 African Mango & Orange Pale 5.0% – Cocksure Brewing Company
This unique medium bodied Pale Ale is a winner. Made with real Mangoes (or Mangos if you prefer) and oranges added straight to the boil, this ale has a sweet, fragrant hoppy nose, followed by an enjoyable bitter citrus bite in the finish.

2 Ambling Home 4.6% – Hermitage Brewery
An amber-coloured ale with subtle fresh notes from the Willamette hops. The malts are Maris Otter pale malt and crystal.

3 Art of T 3.6% – Red Cat Brewing
Light session pale, dry hopped with Tettnag and Earl Grey Supreme from Char Teas of Wiinchester. Very refreshing bergamot flavour, sublime tea bitterness.

4 Barbus Barbus 4.6% – Butts Brewery
Hoppy and well balanced without being sweet

5 Black Swan 3.9% – Vale Brewery
Dark and Smooth with hints of chocolate and coffee on the nose and a soft rounded malt finish

6 Bridge to Nowhere 4.5% – Belhaven
This bright, hoppy pale ale is brewed in tribute to Belhaven’s other famous landmark: The “Bridge to Nowhere” which carries the footpath over to Belhaven Bay. When the tide comes in, the path disappears, just like your thirst with this zippy refreshing beer.

7 Broken Dream 6.5% – Siren Craft Brew
Binds smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety & slick.  CURRENT SUPREME CHAMPON BEER OF BRITAIN!

8 Captain B 5.3% – Irving Brewers & Co
The BACF favourite. This strong sweet and spicy taste of the Caribbean proves otherwise. Flavours of Cinnamon and Vanilla dominate with dark sugar notes.

9 Conqueror 5.0% – Windsor & Eton Brewery
The UK’s top Black IPA, Conqueror is a rich, complex and very distinctive multi-Gold award winning ale. Packed with 5 speciality malts for a wonderful combination of roasted flavours and hoppiness.

10 Covert (Gluten Free) 3.9% – Stealth Brew Co
A duo of citrusy hops gives this pale session ale a mouthful of grapefruit, lime and mango. Unfined, Vegan & Hazy.

11 Cry of the Upstarts 4.2% – Wild Weather Ales
A forward thinking English ale. Taking everything we love about a traditional ale and improving on it. That’s more of a complex malt bill, more floral notes and more body!

12 Curveball 4.4% – Stardust Brewery
A subtle blend of roasted malts gives this beer a characterful body. The combination of UK and US hops intertwine to bring bitterness, traditional hop flavour and a little fruity edge. The best of both worlds!

13 Dr Rudi and the Big Sticklebract 4.2% – The Wild Beer Co
Cask Ale brewed to show off Dr Rudi and Sticklebract Hops. Traditionally bittering hops these have quite an aromatic punch”

14 Egyptian Goose IPA 4.8% – Thames Side Brewery
Cluster is the perfect hop pairing, with an earthy, yet floral and fruity taste. These hops were perhaps surprisingly available and used in this country 150 years ago to produce a very complex but nicely balanced beer that emulates an historical beer style.

15 Equinox 4.5% – Vale Brewery (Aylesbury Brewhouse Co)
An amber ale with citrus flavours and aromas

16 Escapade Amber Ale 4.0% – Greene King
Mild Ale stye beer

17 Forbury Lion 5.5% – Loddon Brewey
An IPA as an IPA should be: packed with a full malty flavour and a strong complex hop finish imparted by Styrian Goldings and Fuggles.

18 Get Your Hops Off 5.1% – Tap Social Movement
Pours light yellow American style IPA with a moderate abv. Medium bitterness up front followed by massive hits of peach, passion fruit, and mango in both flavour and aroma. Brewed with 1kg of hops per hectolitre for a full flavour IPA.

19 Gilt Trip 4.6% – Surrey Hills Brewery
Golden in colour beer has been heavily late hopped and dry hopped, giving gooseberry, citrus, tropical and floral characteristics to this very tasty and refreshing beer.

20 Gold Cup 4.0% – Ascot Brewing Company
A delicious and outstanding session IPA, with lovelly citrus and pine flavours and a pleasant lingering bitterness. Very easy drinking. Reading Festival Gold medal winner 2018

21 Golden Poacher 3.9% – Longdog Brewery
A light coloured beer. Golden Poacher is a magnificent, hoppy, Golden Ale. Bravoand Galena hops give a lovely citrus aroma and flavour

22 Goldfffinger 5.0% – Triple fff
A cask conditioned real lager.Brewed with lager malt and a traditional lager yeast. Crisp, dry with a hint of sweetness. Light apple and melon flavours with a balanced soft bitterness from the American Ahtanum hops

23 Good Old Boy 4.0% – West Berks Brewery
A multi award winning classic English Bitter with a silky-smooth mouth feel. Good old Boy is brewed with a blend of rich malted barely and fruity hops to produce and exceptionally well-balanced and full-flavoured beer.

24 Hoodwink 5.3% – Mad Squirrel
It looks like a pale but tastes like a stout? That’s Hoodwink! Made with lactose, vanilla and white chocolate, this luscios desert beer has disguised its decadent purpose in the finery of a golden ale.

25 Hop Kitty 3.9% – XT Brew – Animal Brewing
Low on ABV, huge on hops. Bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours with toasted malt sweetness. Triple hopped. Just like every crazy cat person, you won’t be stopping with one.

26 Hop Shots part Deux 4.0% – Loose Cannon Brewing Co.
Copper colour with hoppy pine

27 Hop Tipple 4.2% – The Crafty Brewing Co.
Smooth citrus, tangy and fruity notes

28 Hoppy Hilda 3.8% – Little London Brewery
A light golden pale ale brewed with Maris Otter barley and crystal malts, generously complemented with fuggle and golding hops.

29 Hurricane IPA 4.5% – Windsor & Eton Brewery
Golden colour, distinct fruit salad aroma, slight sweetness and malty tones balanced by big citrus fruit flavours and lingering bitterness.

30 Infinite Genies 4.6% – Wild Weather Ales
Botanical Pale Ale. A gin-inspired pale ale containing 12 botanicals and brewed in collaboration with Brixham Gin. Notes of juniper, citrus, herbs and cucumber with a fresh, dry finish.

31 Little Swine 2.8% – Hogs Back Brewery
A Small Beer with a Big Taste! A dry-hopped aromatic blonde beer with a full-bodied fruity flavour. The kegged version of our seasonal cask ale.

32 Maharaja IPA 5.1% – West Berks Brewery
This is our full-bodied New World hopped jaw-dropper of an IPA with full on tropical fruit flavours, mouth-watering bitterness and a rich, earthy finish.

33 Moondance 4.2% – Triple fff
A signature and best-selling ale, one of our original recipes dating back to 1997. Amber coloured with copious amounts of American cascade hops. Wonderfully aromatic floral nose balanced by a gentle bitterness with a subtle hint of sweetness

34 Mosaic Pale 4.9% – Red Cat Brewing
Golden amber in colour with a powerful aroma of tropical and citrus fruits from the massive charge of Mosaic hops in copper & FV. Clean, refreshingly bitter and easy drinking.

35 N253 (3.9%) – Clouded Minds Brewery
Fruity and piney light – medium bodied oatmeal pale ale. Nicely hopped with Citra & Chinook hoops.

36 Near Miss 4.2% – Rebellion Beer Co
A pale ale with a hoppy finish. 100% pale ale malt for a golden colour and light biscuit flavour. Motueka and Simcoe hops add a citrus fruit character.

37 Old Chap 3.8% – Betteridge Brewery
A malty, flavoursome bitter hopped lightly with First Gold and East Kent Goldings

38 Old Speckled Hen 5.0% – Greene King
A finely balanced beer with a distinctive rich, malty taste and fruity aroma.

39 Perle Single-hop 4.3% – Sherfield Village Brewery
Easy-drinking, summery golden beer brewed with German Perle hops.

40 PK3 5.6% – Stardust Brewery
This beer packs a full hop punch! By adding five hop varieties throughout the brew, the beer carries a complex hop profile. Tropical, fruity, spicy…it’s got them all.

41 Private Sector 4.2% – Betteridge Brewery
A full flavoured amber coloured best bitter ale.

42 Reading Best 4.0% – Loddon Brewey
A deep golden best Bitter with an interesting fruity aroma and a smooth but nutty body. Our thanks to the town of Reading

43 Road Runner 3.9% – Little Ox Brewery
A beautiful bitter amber ale with a nice hoppy finish brewed with a blend of UK and New Zealand hops

44 Roasted Nuts 4.6% – Rebellion Beer Co
Reddish/brown, full flavoured and fruity with aromatic cascade and liberty hops

45 Scrum Five 4.0% – Bond Brews
An English Style Best Bitter. Brewed using a pack of 5 types of malted barley and wheat whilst 5 hops bind to provide the bitterness and aroma.

46 Shadowfax 4.8% – Ascot Brewing Company
This pale ale is highly hopped with our favorite NZ hops

47 Sign of Spring 4.6% – Stonehenge Ales
A light coloured and beautiful translucent GREEN PREMIUM ALE traditionally brewed using only the finest quality of Stonehenge Spring Water, barley and wheat malts, whole hops and the brewery’s own top-fermenting yeast and a drop of green magic.

48 Solar Lottery 6.0% – Sherfield Village Brewery
Four-hop, four-malt rich ruby/dark copper beer

49 Spellbinder 6.0% – Elusive Brewing
A London-style Porter brewed to a classic recipe. Whole bean coffee is added during cold conditioning to bring a clean coffee flavour and aroma with hints of dark berry fruits. This gyle uses Quarter Horse Coffee’s Primavera bean for notes of black cherry & cola.

50 Spring Magic 4.4% – Andwell Brewing Company
Zesty marmalade aromas with refreshing bittersweet flavours of tropical fruit with a moreish finish.

51 Starship Fleet – Wave 6: Jester 4.2% – Elusive Brewing
Starship Fleet Gyle 1 won our Beer of the festival in 2016! With Elusive’s milestone 200th brew, and to celebrate it’s third anniversary, this English Pale Ale makes it’s amazing return, much to our delight!

52 TEA 4.2% – Hogs Back Brewery
An enticing amber colour with a hoppy and slightly fruity aroma. We use the finest English malt carefully balanced with local Fuggles hops. This is gently fermented to leave some of the natural malt sugars, to give a full and satisfying flavour with a long, dry finish.

53 The Dudley 4.8% – Bond Brews (Brandy Porter)
An Oak Aged Brown Porter spiced with Brandy. Brewed using five blends of malted barley and wheat to carry a deep brown colour. Two varieties of hop hold a low bitterness level followed by a hint of rich, dark fruit and warming spices by the addition of Brandy. Renamed in the memory of Darrell “Dudley” Freelend who has been an integral part of this festival since it’s inception.

54 Vanilla Stout 5.0% – Bingham’s Brewery
Dark stout brewed using dark malts and infused with vanilla pods. Won Gold in the CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2016 after winning Gold in the Speciality beer category.

55 Voyage 5.5% – New Wharf Brewing Co.
A full bodied American amber ale comprising of five different malts and three American hops. Hints of caramel and chocolate re tinged with citrus and berry notes

56 Wildflower 3.9% – New Wharf Brewing Co.
A lovely smooth English golden ale which is deli-cately hopped to form a light gentle citrus finish

57 XT3 4.2% – XT Brew
An IPA style beer made with plenty of Cascade, Chinook and Columbus Hops, on Vienna malts.

58 XX Mild 3.0% – Greene King
A CAMRA Champion Mild of East Anglia 2009, this is a cask mild traditionally brewed using dark malt to give a sweet and roasted flavour.

59 Yardbird Pale Ale 4.0% – Greene King
Full of hops with a lasting fruity flavour. Masses of hop. Tettnang and Willamette give tropical fruit, mango and floral notes with some spicy character. Cascade adds fresh pink grapefruit and Challenger and Pilgrim provide the underlying herbal hop with a touch of orange peel.

60 Yu Lu 3.6% – Siren Craft Brew
Yu Lu is an intricate beer with layers of flavour that remain distinctive, yet work in perfect harmony. Her name alludes to the mystical history of the humble tea leaf, which delivers subtle bergamot orange and lemon notes here, accentuated by the addition of lemon zest.

The reserve beers (these beers are all ready in reserve for you)

5/4 Favourite 4.6% – Ascot Brewing Company
Refreshing Golden Ale with a wonderful hoppy nose from Cascade hops. Light, fresh and crisp with floral hop notes, a sure-fire winner.

80 Shilling 4.2% – Belhaven
Pale malt gives a satisfying matiness and black malts add balance to the sweetness. Challenger provides the bitterness and base notes, herbal hop character with Goldings adding some orange peel fruit and fuggles contributing soft fruits and a delicate floral note.

Anastasia’s Stout 5.0% – Ascot Brewing Company
Deep and complex stout full of roasted coffee and bitter chocolate flavours with oats to give a smooth mouth feel. The bitterness is balanced by a silky smooth finish

Black Pike 6.1% – Clouded Minds Brewery
Medium bodied. Highly hopped with Simcoe, Galena, Nugget and Columbus.

Danish Dynamite 5.0% – Stonehenge Ales
A golden coloured strong bitter traditionally brewed using only the finest quality of Stonehenge Spring Water, barley and wheat malts, whole hops and the brewery’s own top-fermenting yeast.

High Score 4.8% – Mad Squirrel
A double whammy of lagaer balance and old school IPA impact.

Kismet 4.5% – Longdog Brewery
American-hopped Pale Ale, fruity, straw coloured, refreshing and beautifully quaffable.

Mellow Velo 3.6% – Bond Brews
A single English hop variety provides the mellow bitterness free-wheeling to a hint of honey and spice at the finish line.

Old Hoppy Hen 4.2% – Green King
Pale and crystal malts give biscuit and toffee notes, with rye adding a touch of spiciness, while the hops impart fresh grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit characteristics.

Olde Trip 4.3% – Green King
This is a rich, toffee-flavoured beer bursting with fruity character that is perfectly balanced with a clean, bitter finish.

Railway Porter 4.5% – Bond Brews
A Brown Porter. Brewed using five blends of malted barley and wheat to carry a deep brown colour. Low bitterness level followed by a hint of rich, dark fruit.

St Edmunds 4.2% – Greene King
St Edmunds is a fresh golden beer with a citrus finish brewed using pale malt and cascade hops. Crafted for a modern taste using traditional brewing methods

Surrey Nirvana 4.0% – Hogs Back Brewery
A drier, golden brew with Cascade, Centennial and local Surrey hops. Hoppy with strong citrus and floral notes on the nose. Light in body, with well-balanced hoppy and citrus flavours.

Suspended in Mosaic 4.0% – Siren Craft Brew
On the nose you get citrus and pine, with tropical notes developing through. Those flavours continue on to the tongue joined by mango, stone fruit and a gentle bitterness balanced out by a classic hop heavy character. A naturally hazy beer that’s packed full of flavour.

Talisk 4% – Bursary Brew
A fresh, light, citrusy brew.

Viennese Whirl 5.0% – Bingham’s Brewery
A Pale Ale with a blend of Citra, Centennial & Chinook hops.

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