Binghams Brewery is Ruscombe’s not so little secret

Here’s our third look at the Berkshire Breweries that we hope will be available at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2016. The series continues with Ruscombe based Binghams Brewery. You’ll be able to see all of our brewery focus’s here as we publish them. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the beer list as well to […]

Bracknell Ale Festival beer list: 22. Royal Ascent – Binghams Brewery

Beer 22 is a special from Bingham’s Brewery at Bracknell Ale & Wine Festival 2014.   See the full beer and cider list here Royals Ascent is a celebration of Reading Football Club’s rise in the last decade and is a dark, smooth celebratory mild at 3.9%. Ascent joins our other Binghams beer on the […]

Bracknell Ale Festival – First beers ordered

The Bracknell Town FC Ale & Wine Festival organisers have made their first beer orders ahead of the big day on Saturday 16th July 2011.

The festival, which kicks off at 1pm and includes a barbeque and an evening of live music, is organised by club members Tom Canning & Michael Keen, to raise awareness of the club.